Nicki Thiim - "Race With The World Champion"

- Double Endurance Challenge -


I’ll like to welcome you to this exciting event, where it’s all about having a good time and a fantastic evening together. I simply love racing, so this is my ’Thank You’ to you fans and friends and for the support in my success of winning the FIA WEC World Championship.

Like in the WEC, this is all about having a good partnership with you´re co-driver. So we are going to have a race with 34 teams, consisting of 2 drivers each. 


Time Table:

18:00 CET: Sign in

18:30 CET: Briefing in the conference room

19:00-20:30 CET: 10 min Practice (Teams can run in and out of the pit as they want to, and change drivers as well)

Small break.

5 min quali (Driver One).

30 min Race (min. 1 Driver change)

Small break. (All teams get a new kart by draw)

5 min quali (Driver Two)

30 min Race (min. 1 Driver change)


20:45 CET: Dinner in the conference room


After the two action-packed races, it will be possible to enjoy some traditional Danish cristmas food. While you enjoy the food and drinks, I would like to hand out amazing prizes and giveaways! Also I would like to tell you about my racing career, and in particular the season of 2016.



34 Teams (The first 34 teams to enter gets the place)

All drivers will be weighed up to 100kg.

Each team consist of two drivers.

18:00 CET.

Briefing 18:30 CET.

Pracise start 19:00 CET.



Ticket fee for this event is:  950 Dkk / 130€ per Team

Christmas Dinner Buffet: 249 Dkk / 34€

Entry and payment info:
Facebook Message to: "Nicki Thiim WEC"

I would like to thank you for your time and hope to see you for this special event.





Kind regards

- Nicki Thiim