Yooooo Guyyys!

Many of you have been taking plenty of epic photos during the season and I want to give you a platform to share them with the world on my website. Thats one of my ways of saying thank you for your great support!


This is how it works

Send me your favorite shots, art, selfies or videos and I will share the photos that I love the most! Please let me know how I should credit you for your work. Preferably your Name or your social media profile. Don't forget to add the date and location of where and when the photo was taken. With sending in your photos you agree to let me use your photos under a Creative Commons license. Means that I'm allowed to share but not to sell your work. Please understand that it's not possible to link to websites, but you can use a decent watermark if you like.  Photos must be in the JPEG format.

Thank your all for your incredible support!



If you have one picture:

Attach your photo to a email and send it to danskyjr@gmail.com

If you have more than one picture:

Upload your photos using www.wetransfer.com and send it to danskyjr@gmail.com

Got Videos?

Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and email me the link to it.




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